Saturday, July 26, 2008

Friday, June 29, 2007


1) I am deeply in love at this moment. It is hard to wonder how we fell in love so instantly!!

2) My mind can never be put to rest. I pray that it wont suffer from any brain damage in future.

3) It is my dream to have my own family. It need not be a big one, but happiness must exists.

4) I am eyeing a new unit of Xbox360. Saving hard to get one soon.

5) I am expecting a change in my job scope. It may more demanding, but could prove to be an eye -opener.

6) I have lost some good friends, but there are others who makes me treasure their friendship even more.

7) My mum is closest to me. It is saddening that she is hearing impaired and I hope to do more for her to repay her love for me.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Heat is On

I wonder how is everyone doing? Thanks for Dalicia's wild guess that I will be hitched. But, there is still no special lady who has surfaced. My colleagues are more anxious to source for my potential gfs though. Since my last posting, I have not met more than 5 different people for any dates nor gatherings. Everyday is either work or home. Has the interest of knowing more people declined? Even my frens never know what I am thinking or they perceive that I am the guy whom will solve any problems steadily. How I wish for that someone who I can speak my heart out to come by.

There was a movie named "Hitch" by Will Smith today. He was hurted deeply by his first love and decided to be a love consultant to help those seeking true love. But, another lady whom he loved assumed that he was helping guys to cheat ladies. Working as a columnist, she published about his occupation to create awareness among ladies. Little does she knows that he only helps guys by making them realised that their true love is within their grasp using their sincerity. I have encountered many relationships around me. Some couples are easily attracted to each other, while the others put in so much effort to make things work. I missed out on one chance a long time ago, which made me believe so much in fate. Although that lady knows my intentions now, we cant change our present. If I had made that move, probably things would be better. Nevertheless, she has become my morale support.

My work appraisal is approaching, as well as my mid year exams. I hope my recent project work could get me a better appraisal. Getting my 1st increment in this current job would make all my hard work worthwhile.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Back on track

Time really flies... It is a month since I last blogged. Is anyone disappointed by not being able to read my updates, as I do noticed my visitors count is still increasing? I wasnt away for any special reason, just leading a simple life with work and no enjoyment. After the last problematic friendship I got into, I have not met Jo since then. I hope she is happy with her loved one. She does sent me an sms occasionally, but I just feel enough is enough.

Last dec exam results were released last month. I managed to pass the retake paper, but failed another one. Revision class should be sufficient for me to retake this one with some self study as well. Nevertheless, my parents were happy for me and encouraged me to go on.

2 days ago, I was chatting with a fren on msn. I know her for about 6 months. We intended to meet, but she reconsidered and opt not to. She explained to me her reason for doing so. She didnt want to meet any guy, if she feels he wont be a potential bf. According to her analysis, I am a great guy with several ladies to choose to be with. That really amazed me. I did clarified that I never had any option but the ladies do. I never expect one meeting to develop many thoughts in her.

My company is distributing a variable bonus for our hard work of 2006. I am expecting a pro-rated payout, about 2/3 to be receivable. The last performance review was okay for me, which means I should be looking forward to more $$$. There are rumours that I would be getting overseas exposure soon. Till now, nothing has been finalised.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

All about Expectations

3 days have passed, since Piggy started serving its one year bond. Hee.... My family and I visited a few places to give out red packets to our relatives' children. Not many people gave me and my brothers red packets, as we are working adults. Some relatives are asking the same questions year after year, reflecting their ignorance. They assumed that things should develop according to their forecasts. Any changes would not be acceptable to them.

Last year, they were told that my 4 year relationship has ended. They were unhappy that they couldnt see her before we ended. This year, they were curious why I dont have a stead. If I do have a stead, they expect us to settle down within one year. If I dont settle down, they would say I am fooling around. If I am fooling around, they would say I am not young anymore. If I want to remain single, they would tell their children not to follow my footsteps. They are the prosecutors and I am the accused on the stand.

When it's time for a small gambling session, I would opt out. By not joining their game, they would spite me with indirect remarks that I am stingy. I am silent, but my ears are opening wide. I would rather donate to any charity than lose a single cent to them. Despite their "pulling" efforts, they still cant get me involved. :P

There were some new faces around. One of my cousins brought his gf to see my grandparents. She was accessed as a pre-candidate for Miss Singapore Universe 2007. The panel of judges was formed by my aunties. They judged based on body beauty, speech ability, character and qualification. Fortunately, I dont have to cast my vote to support anyone. Lol.